est. 2015

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music, lyrics & production by Sean Eads

Triangle Park is Sean's homegrown solo project born in his West LA garage. Triangle Park has performed all over the US, as well as in Asia and Europe. All music was written, performed and produced by Sean and released independently.

afterlife astronaut final.jpg

Afterlife Astronaut (2019)

final art 2.jpg

Moons (2018)


"Drone Driving"

Music video by Ben Simpkins

Time Loser (2017) *


est. 2012

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music & lyrics by Sean Eads

 production by Sean Eads & Garrett Nash

BEND is the brainchild of songwriter/producers and childhood friends Garrett Nash (gnash) & Sean Eads. BEND have performed as a duo and with a five-piece band in Los Angeles and New York.

BEND - Riverfriend - cover.png

Riverfriend (2013) *

BEND - Mermaid Weather - MW_fulllength_n

Mermaid Weather (2014) *

* = album art by James R. Eads

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