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The Blazing World
Music by Sean Eads
Book & Lyrics by Brandy Hoang Collier

The Blazing World is a brand new sci-fi musical comedy based on the ground-breaking 1666 novel of the same name, set in our modern world of earth-sized simulations and super intelligent AI. We were thrilled to present The Blazing World as part of UArts' 2021 Polyphone Festival, directed by Zi Alikhan!

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Music & Sound by Sean Eads
Book & Lyrics by Jamie Buxton

Moonphase is a short-form audio-only musical, written for the stage and adapted for pandemic times. It tells a story inspired but the myth that inspired Jack and Jill, featuring vocals by Adam Bashian, Lydia Breckon and Sean Eads.


Sludge Dump
Sludge Dump is an original dark comedy musical with music, book & lyrics by Sean Eads. It chronicles the fictional border town of White Hills, TX, blighted by a now-defunct sludge management facility that continues to leak toxic waste into the surrounding town. When a mother and son with strange ties to White Hills arrive for a visit, they quickly find themselves at the center of a moral conundrum that forces them to reckon with their role in an unjust America. For more info, contact Sean directly.

Lemonade is a dark circus musical with book, music & lyrics by Sean Eads. After running away to join a traveling circus, young Georgie rises in the ranks as he discovers a company-wide addiction to a strange lemonade-like beverage. The truth about what happens behind the scenes at the big top are worse than he could ever have imagined, and he may have to choose between saving himself and his dearest friends in the company.


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Coming Soon...

Earth Versus
A song cycle with music & lyrics by Sean Eads that features characters grappling with key moments in humanity's precarious relationship to its planet. 

Excerpt: "Madame Tide"
Performed by Enzo Veiga (vocals) & Sean Eads (piano).
Filmed by Simon Lee at Dixon Place (Tin Pan Alley 2)

Death's Doors
Music by Sean Eads
Book & Lyrics by Jessie Field

Death's Doors is a one-act electric pop opera about the past, present, and future lives of a young woman named Avery, and how past-life therapy helps both Avery and her doctor Tobias find relief from their long-held traumas. Originally workshopped at NYU's graduate musical theatre writing program, a newly-orchestrated and sound-designed version is forthcoming.

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